My Gosh, Is Summer Coming to an End?

Summer may seem over when Labor Day celebrations come winding down, but, in fact, summer officially lasts until the autumnal equinox, which is scheduled this year for September 22.

Nonetheless, during this time of year the seasons already feel like they are changing. Temperatures begin to drop, the first crisp leaves gets crushed by innocent passersby, and early advertisements for anything pumpkin-spiced seep into our surroundings. Kissing summer farewell may be tough for some, but most Americans welcome the change.

This recent survey


Norman Clyde Peak/wikicommons

shows that fall is America’s favorite season, with 29 percent of the people surveyed indicating that they prefer an autumnal climate.

While majority of the country may favor fall to summer, many people begin to feel sad during the fall. Light and temperature have a profound impact on the human body, so a decrease in daytime hours and a dip in daily temperatures may lead to seasonal affective mood issues, commonly referred to as seasonal affective disorder. SAD, a depression related to the change in seasons, typically begins in the fall and continues through the summer months. Common symptoms include moodiness, low energy, difficulty sleeping, lack of interest in activities and relationships, feelings of hopelessness, and a general sense of depression. People struggling with SAD are advised to exercise, get more light, and find someone to talk to about their problem.

Click here for some more information and tips for beating SAD.


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