The Learning Curve: An Educational Breakdown of New York City

New York is feeling pretty smart.

According to ACS 2015 5-year estimates, New York is the one of the top ten most college-educated state in the country, with about 34.2 percent of the population over 25 years old having a bachelors degree or higher.

But a closer look into the educational breakdown of New York City reveals that there is a strong disparity between levels of education among the city’s five boroughs. About 60 percent of Manhattan’s population over 25 have a bachelors degree or higher, but only about 19 percent of the same population in the Bronx has a bachelor’s degree or higher. The other three counties have a fairly standard distribution, with Brooklyn’s college-educated population being about 33 percent, Queens’ being about 30 percent, and Staten Island’s being about 31 percent.

An even closer look into the city’s educational breakdown based on zip code paints an equally unequal picture. In the Bronx, only 9 percent of the population of the zip code that includes Hunts Point and Mott Haven have a bachelor’s degree or higher, whereas nearly 90 percent of Manhattan’s 10069 zip code on the Upper West Side has a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Interestingly enough, the neighborhood around Brooklyn College, which is the 11210 zip code, has a fairly average percentage of people over the age of 25 with a bachelor’s degree or higher, with that number being about 34 percent.


Entrance to Brooklyn College (Wikimedia Commons)


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